OrbisCAD, The Community cartography editor

Orbis is a latin word which means 'the world' or 'belonging to the world' and CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. In short, OrbisCAD intends to be the World's Computer Aided Design Program.

Led and developed by The Community, OrbisCAD pursues two basic objectives: (1) building a powerful and reliable project which can fully handle the needs of the sector and (2) generating an interactive methodology based on continuous feedback in order to be able to accomplish the first aim.

We strongly believe that opening the development of OrbisCAD to as many professionals as possible is a key matter to our success, to The Community success.

The project is built in top of GDBMS, a library to perform (read & write) operations against any kind of cartography with available access drivers. There is a tutorial at the GDBMS site about its use. A mailing list has been enabled to allow feedback communication with the development team. Any question will be answered as carefully as possible, given that making of GDBMS and OrbisCAD development something agile and easy for everyone is our main principle.

Getting involved

Currently, the development is aimed towards:

If you want to get involved just tell me here o tell us at the mailing list..

The OrbisCAD development team uses a free license of Code Coverage by Clover thanks to Supported by Cenqua. We care about the quality of our project.